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Chinese Martial Arts Tuition

Having studied many Chinese Martial Arts since 1975 and being a Martial Arts instructor since 1980, there is a lot I can teach you about the practice and backgrounds of Chinese Martial Arts. I'm a scholar - warrior, meaning that I don't only practice fighting, but also study and teach the backgrounds. My main interest is in the Internal Martial Arts and Traditional Weapons and I teach all aspects of these, including sparring, fundamental and advanced theory, history, "wude" (martial arts ethics), etc.

If you want to be my student you can either participate in my weekly classes (see for the calendar and more info) or if you are well motivated and have some background in Chinese Martial Arts, you can get in touch for private tuition. I deliberately take on only a very limited number of students, because taking on less students means more individual attention for the students.

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If you are the well motivated student I look for, get in touch to see if we can work on your progress.

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