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古文 Classical Chinese Language Tuition:
Get Hold of the Key to Understand Classical Chinese Culture

Providing Everything You Need to Translate and Understand Ancient Chinese Texts

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Basic Classical Chinese

In this one-on-one online course I'll teach you the fundamentals of the Classical Chinese Language. A course of 20 hours. Contents: introduction to Chinese languages, basic vocabulary, simple grammar, translation skills, exercises. After this you'll be ready for the advanced study. Price: € 1,300.00

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Advanced Classical Chinese

When you have enough knowledge of the fundamentals, I'll teach you how to use dictionaries, get a grasp of the essentials of Classical Chinese, understand the finesse of Classical Chinese, and how to start translating texts on your own. You'll soon see how fun it is to be able to actually understand what the ancient Chinese wrote. A twenty hours one-on-one online course. Price: € 1,300.00

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Your Classical Chinese Teacher: Dr. Dan KJ Vercammen

My areas of expertise are Taoism, Taoist Internal Alchemy, Chinese Medicine, Classical Chinese Poetry, Chinese Fine Arts, and Martial Arts. I have a Sinology PhD degree from Ghent University (1990), Belgium, and studied Classical Chinese Philosophy at Fudan University (1985-1986) in Shanghai, China. In the past 40 years, I've translated and published many books, including specialized translations and I teach Classical Chinese Language courses at the Taoist ALchemical Studies Center TASC in Antwerp, Belgium. My no-nonsense approach and ability to make difficult things easy to learn can help you become proficient in Classical Chinese rather quickly.

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