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Good things come in threes. I'm offering three kind of services: Fine Art, Chinese Culture classes and courses (Taoism, Classical Chinese Language, Taoist Internal Alchemy, Internal Martial Arts, Authentic Chinese Medicine, Chinese Fine Arts, etc.), and books on Chinese/Taoist Culture and Lifestyle. I've been studying, researching and practicing these subjects since 1975 and can therefore offer you a lot of experience and expertise.

Whether you want to order a painting or calligraphy you see here below or want to order a commissioned work (for instance a Chinese style portrait), just click the "Contact" button to get in touch and discuss conditions. I'm currently in the process of building a webshop to facilitate buying my art. More news soon!

If you're interested in learning or deepening your knowledge of Taoist inspired Internal Martial Arts, I'm here for you. I mainly teach Taijiquan (Yang Style, Dong Yingjie Substyle), Baguazhang (Eight Trigrams Palm Techniques), and Xingyiquan (especially Shidaxing or the Ten Great [Animal] Forms). Get in touch to discuss possibilities.

My books offer you an insider's view into Chinese - and especially Taoist - lifestyle and culture. You'll be able to order my book(s) soon.

Do you need advice about living more naturally, about Taoist lifestyle, about Chinese design and art? It's been my business since more than 40 years and I collaborate with my partner Angela Verkade who runs She's busy building her website now. Check it out soon!


Original Fine Art, Prints, Postcards, Merchandise

Purchasing Art

I'm preparing to sell my work through various sites. As soon as this service is available you'll find the link(s) here.

For the time being, if you see something you like or want to commission a painting or calligraphy, get in touch via the "Contact" button or the form at the end of the home page.

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