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Good things come in threes. I'm offering three kind of services: Fine Art, Internal Martial Arts tuition, and Taoist Lifestyle consulting.

Whether you want to order a painting or calligraphy you see here below or want to order a commissioned work (for instance a Chinese style portrait), just click the "Contact" button to get in touch and discuss conditions. Original works, postcards, merchandise and prints come without the watermark. See underneath the "Works" section for purchasing and shipping conditions.

If you're interested in learning or deepening your knowledge of Taoist inspired Internal Martial Arts, I'm here for you. I mainly teach Taijiquan (Yang Style, Dong Yingjie Substyle), Baguazhang (Eight Trigrams Palm Techniques), and Xingyiquan (especially Shidaxing or the Ten Great [Animal] Forms). Get in touch to discuss possibilities.

Do you need advice about living more naturally, about Taoist lifestyle, about Chinese design and art? It's been my business since more than 40 years. Book a consulting session by clicking the button below.

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Original Fine Art, Prints, Postcards, Merchandise

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Purchasing & Shipping

Note: this page is not complete yet. Size and price of the artworks are missing. I'm still working on these things, but you can already get in touch if you see something you like. ;)

I invite you to get in touch with me before ordering, so that we can discuss how you would like to receive your purchase. Please read the text below, as it may answer some of the questions you have.

Although we tried to photograph the artwork/merchandise as accurately as possible, different browsers and computers may show the photograph of the artwork in a different way. Colour variations and other changes due to these uncontrolable factors are not valuable reasons to return a purchase.


How can I pay?
You can pay through PayPal. Prices are in euros. The price shown is for the article, not including shipping costs and customs fees or similar costs. You don't need a PayPal account to purchase. PayPal accepts cards.

If you can't pay the full amount of an item right away, we can discuss terms of payment. For instance, you could make a deposit of 50% of the value, then pay the balance the next month. Once the purchase is paid for in full, I can send it.

Get in touch if you want such an arrangement.


How does shipping work?
I travel for my art and other work. Because of this I'm sometimes away from home and then can't send an item right away. Therefore you should always contact me to arrange a suitable time for shipping your order.

Size and weight, but also destination define the shipping cost. When you order, I calculate the shipping cost and get back to you as soon as possible by e-mail. When your payment arrives, I'll let you know by e-mail and inform you about how and when the order will be shipped.

There may be import duties and taxes to pay on arrival, according to the laws of the destination country; these are at your expense. We cannot assume any responsibility for these charges, as they are beyond our control.

Paintings and calligraphy are shipped not framed, but you can order them mounted. However, mounting takes more time and costs more. Shipping the works framed would make them more vulnerable to damage during transport. 

We shall take the best of care to pack the items securely, but we are not responsible for damage caused by mail and courrier services. When receiving an item damaged in this way, make a note of the damage on the delivery form and contact the courrier immediately.

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