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Professional Experience

1985 - 1990

Research Assistant

Researching and doing anthropological fieldwork in China on the subjects of martial arts, qigong, authentic Chinese medicine, and Taoist alchemy.

1986 - 1990 PhD research and teaching @ Ghent University (Belgium).

1990 PhD on Internal Martial Arts, Qigong, and Taoist Alchemy from Ghent University (summa cum laude).

1990 - present

Founder, Head of Research and Professor

Researching and teaching @ CAC/China Arts College and TASC/Taoist Alchemical Studies Center, Antwerp, Belgium. Publishing 30+ books and articles on Chinese culture.
Lecturing @ conferences in Europe and China.

1990 - present

Artist (Painter, Calligrapher, Poet)

I've been studying Chinese/Oriental Painting and Calligraphy since 1978 with South Korean and Chinese professors from the Fine Art Academies and Universities of Seoul, Leiden, Beijing, and Hangzhou. Main teacher is Professor Hu Zhenyu of the China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, China.
Painter in Chinese ink, watercolour, other water-based media, charcoal and pastels.
Chinese calligrapher.
Poet (publications in Dutch, English, and Classical Chinese).
Solo, duo (with my late wife photographer Wu An), and group exhibitions in Belgium.

1990 - 2021

Taoist Doctor

Practicing, teaching, and researching Taoist Medicine.

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