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Since the early 1970s I've been looking for ways to keep my body healthy and safe, to develop my artistic inclination, and to live as naturally as possible. This led me to the discovery of China, ancient Chinese culture, and the Taoist philosophy and lifestyle. In the China of the 1980s I found old masters who imparted me with their knowledge of Taoist inspired martial arts, fine arts and design, and Chinese science and wisdom. They also stimulated me to bring these Chinese treasures to the West. As a tribute to them and their predecessors I keep studying Chinese culture and am still teaching and demonstrating how life can be lived and understood more fully by practicing and enjoying a Taoist inspired life. I sincerely hope I can offer you the means to live happily, healthy, and beautifully.
Oh, and one more thing: the 7 Stars of 7 Stars Studio refer to the Big Dipper, a quite important constellation for Taoists.

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